South of Fifth (SoFi), Miami Beach: What to do and Where to Eat

November 20, 2022

South of Fifth (SoFi), Miami Beach: What to do and Where to Eat, Drink & Stay

The South of Fifth (SoFi) neighborhood of South Beach is located on Miami Beach south of Miami Beach. The town is south of 5th Street to the bay front in South Pointe Park. Though it’s mostly residential and packed with luxury apartments, SoFi also provides ample opportunities to travel. Enjoy a day at museums, admiring the views from the oceanfront beaches, and stretching on the sandy shoreline. Take the rest in arguably the best restaurants in the area that boast some of the best bars in the city.

South of Fifth Condos | Sales & Rentals

South of 5th, also called SoFi is an ultra-luxury subdivision within South Beach stretching from Fifth Avenue towards South Pointe Park. The town is bordered by ocean waters ranging west to east by the Pacific Ocean, Federal Cut and Biscayne Bay, giving spectacular views to every direction. The south side of Fifth is considered to be quiet, but still far enough away from the tourist-oriented areas of South Beach.

South of Fifth in Miami Beach

South of Fifth in Miami Beach

South of Fifth Avenue

South Beach’s South of Five neighborhood or “SoFi” is a small neighbourhood which spans northward from South Pointe Park to Fifth Street. Surrounded by the sea from three sides, these multimillion dollar ultra-luxury apartment buildings located along waterfront offers the best view of the city. The stunning landscape and world-class dining, and the pedestrian-friendly streets attract wealthy executive and celebrity owners. Condo units south of 5th Avenue Miami Beach sell for high prices.

Nightlife in the South of Fifth Avenue

Despite being secluded at South Beach SoFi, just like other Miami neighborhoods, its residents live at night. Prime 112 is a favorite destination for celebrities and athletes…. in the evenings there will also be a show of exotic car models and more Lamborghine cars in the lineup. Story Nightclub is a 27,000-square foot club that has a wide variety of national artists and DJs and was recently selected the most popular nightclub in America. The best beverages are available from Papa Steak, and are curated by our acclaimed mixologists.

Pssst. We have a secret

Miami Beach, south of Fifth Beach, is known as the worlds finest hidden treasure. Also known as SoF, the South of Fifth neighborhood contains one of the best real estate in the country. SoFis uniquely designed 17 acres of ocean and bay front could become an incredibly impressive wonder in its own right. Those who visit this peaceful beachfront location can understand this feeling. It is just a few miles away from downtown Miami. SoFi provides an exceptional combination of luxury, coastal living, and the cultural excitement of an internationally isolated city.

South-Pointe Park

The neighborhood south of Fifth House houses some of the most beautiful parks in the United States. South PointePark is an incredible 17-acre property situated at the southern tip of South Beach, offering spectacular views of Miami Bay, The Big Island and Downtown Miami across the Channel. This park has many walking tracks for all ages and has plenty of playgrounds for children. Besides showcasing a spectacular observation deck, numerous barking parks for dogs are available for rent; toilets, an eatery and recently renovated granite waterspouts with a light swanky fuchsia glow.

South-Pointe Baywalk Promenade

North Miami Beach is covered in South Pointe Park, with plans to connect the road to South Beach on the east end of South Beach with a pedestrian bridge that serves as an arts and culture attraction. It is a breathtaking view whether you are biking or rollerblading.

South of Fifth. Lifestyle

SoFi is a vibrant and internationally-oriented community of highly-respected residents seeking a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. Imagine a luxury hotel located within the centre of the city of Barcelona in an eco friendly natural park. SoFi is the real paradigm of the people living here. The health-conscious lifestyle as well as outdoor activities has been a big draw for the area.

Sunsets at Monty’s

Monty’s is a popular restaurant on Miami’s Marina and has become a landmark for local residents, as well as tourists who love Jimmy Buffet, the flipflop culture, live concerts, and a restaurant for both indoor and outdoor dining. Monty’s because of its quintessential position is a true “come as you are” bar, a place where anyone can enjoy a game. Since 1968 Monty’s has been featured in numerous films including Miami Vice Burn Notice, and many more.

What is the nicest part of Miami Beach?

Best Florida beaches: Lummus Beach. . South Point. Piers. … Haulovers. … Bill Baggs Cape Florida National Forest. “. The Midcoast (21–44th Street)… 47th – 63rd Streets Midway. … North Beach (6th and 85th streets)… Surfsides.

What is south of 5th Miami Beach?

The South of Fifth Condos, known as SoFI (sof-e-fee), is a tiny, exclusive affluent neighborhood at the beach. The region has three sides of water that run between the ocean and Biscayne Bay.

What is south Miami Beach known for?

Despite South Beach’s pristine beaches and wild party atmosphere being its main draw, this famous Oceanfront neighbourhood is full of world-class shopping, historical architecture, and hidden gems, including clandestine speakeasys and some of Miami’s finest restaurants.

Which side of Miami Beach is better?

For a relaxing, family-friendly beach getaway head towards Miami’s northern end. North Beach Surfside or Bal Harbour areas offer a peaceful getaway with easy access into dining nights and shopping. For a peaceful escape from everything, go south and visit Key Biscayne.

How Miami is divided?

The mainland is separated from the west by Flagler Street at the intersection with Miami Avenue. Flagler divides Miami North to South, and Miami Avenue divides it east-west. The avenue runs north-west while the street runs east-west.

What is Coconut Grove Miami?

Coconut Grove or the Grove is Florida’s oldest continuously inhabited neighbourhood.

What are the neighborhoods in Miami?


See more at Wikipedia here.

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